Printer drivers

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Printer drivers

Post#1 by lordcrash2000 » 03 Jul 2018, 20:27

I have two systems that I am trying to use a Kyocera Ecosys p2235dw printer via USB. It uses the Kyocera KX Universal Print drivers. I have created a custom ISO following the instructions viewtopic.php?t=5910. Everything completed properly and the printer drivers show up in the list of the Kiosk Wizard. However, I never can get even the test page to print. Sometimes the web pages come up properly, sometimes everything just locks up. When the pages do come up, if you hit print it gives an error message that the "returning ipp client-error-bad-request for Print-job" error message. I have rebuilt the ISO with no better luck. Can anyone point me to a solution?

White ninja
White ninja
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Kyocera KX Printer drivers

Post#2 by ch4lk » 19 Jul 2018, 02:23

hi there lordcrash2000, I have not bothered with printer specific drivers ever, i have always used a generic one. This one works flawlessly.
I know it's not a USB connection; this is for network connected printer.

--------entry in config file------

Code: Select all

printer_connection=lpd://(your relevant ip address you need to use)/(actual printer queue name)
printer_model=Generic PCL 5e Printer
printer_name=(whatever you want to name the printer)

ofcourse you'll miss out on some printer specific features, but for the vast majority of users who just hit 'print' for an A4 page job, it just works.

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