Adding an additional printer driver (PPD and filter)

'User made' tutorials related to Porteus Kiosk edition.
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Adding an additional printer driver (PPD and filter)

Post#1 by buttons » 03 Jun 2016, 14:27

Adding a PPD into Porteus Kiosk

After a bit of trial and error and some fantastic support from Tomasz J. I finally managed
to get a printer driver installed and working. The existing tutorial wasn't quite as plain
sailing so I thought I'd knock up my own little guide for anyone else who might be struggling.

I will be installing a KonicaMinolta C203/C253/C353 printer in this example but the procedure
should be the same for your own printer - remember to get your PPD file and filter as appropriate.

First of all, when you are mastering your own module or the kiosk ISO do not do so on a drive
formatted as FAT - file permissions/ownership won't play nicely and your printer won't work -
as I found out.

I built my stuff on Porteus Desktop (I needed to install the nano editor as well as syslinux tools)

Find yourself a partition with enough room - issue a df -H command to see what drives you have

Change directory to the partition you are going to build your stuff on:

Code: Select all

mkdir remaster
cd remaster
mkdir /mnt/cdrom
mkdir kiosk_ISO
mkdir fakeroot
#optional mkdir PPD below to put your PPD and filter in until you are ready to move it into the fakeroot

Code: Select all

mkdir PPD
mount -o loop Porteus-Kiosk-Server-4.0.0-x86_64.iso /mnt/cdrom
cp -a -v /mnt/cdrom/* kiosk_ISO/
cd fakeroot
# this next step is where I made a mistake - do not substitute 'model' for the model of your printer
# - the konica folder can be any name you like

Code: Select all

mkdir -p usr/share/cups/model/konica
mkdir -p usr/libexec/cups/filter
mkdir -p opt/scripts/files/wizard/printers.d
cp -v ../PPD/pbhc203psc200en.ppd usr/share/cups/model/konica/
cp -v ../PPD/ usr/libexec/cups/filter/
#now I used nano to open/edit the PPD file as you will need the values of
# *ModelName, *ShortNickName, *NickName which you will need
# whilst you are there checkout other options which you might like to change - I was able
# to change the default from color printing to grayscale printing and also toner economy model
# You might be able to change to default A4 size too if it isn't the default.
# put those values into a text file - I used nano to create mine, and saved when I'd done

Code: Select all

nano opt/scripts/files/wizard/printers.d/konica

My 'konica' file looked like this:

KonicaMinolta C203/C253/C353 PS/P
KonicaMinolta C203/C253/C353 PS
KonicaMinolta C203/C253/C353 PS(P)

At this point you are ready to squash into a xzm module!

Code: Select all

cd ..
# you should be up one level from 'fakeroot'

Code: Select all

mksquashfs fakeroot/ konica.xzm -comp xz -b 256K -Xbcj x86 -noappend
#you should now have a konica.xzm though the filename of your module is up to you

Code: Select all

cp -v konica.xzm kiosk_ISO/xzm/
cd kiosk_ISO
cd ..
#brings you up a level where you will find Porteus-Kiosk.iso
#I 'burn' mine to a usb so you need to isohybrid it

Code: Select all

isohybrid Porteus-Kiosk.iso

#now you're almost ready for burning

At this point I plugin the usb I want to burn to - Porteus Desktop mounts it
automatically - so you might find it is at /mnt/sdd1 or similar
I unmount it with umount /mnt/sdd1 - remembering the 'sdd' bit

Burn time

Code: Select all

dd if=Porteus-Kiosk.iso of=/dev/sdd

That's it! You should be able to use the wizard to add your printer. You'll
need its IP address no doubt

Mark VB,

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