Just another one sucking up to the Porteus team

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White ninja
White ninja
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Just another one sucking up to the Porteus team

Post#1 by Buurman » 03 Nov 2021, 23:47

Gonna make it as short as possible ..yet as detailed as needed i deem fit ..

Been in computers (pc) since very early 90's, started out on DOS, went through Windoze3.1, 3.11, W95, W98, WME, NT35, W2000, WinXP ..then got REALLY disgusted after that.
Used BBC's then Internet starting around 94? Got broadbandcable in 95, was one of the first around here .. (not in any way useful, just dumb bragging "look at me, i got cable" :ermm: )
Tried learning to program with Basic and Pascal around 92/93 ..failed ..'not my thang'
Tried numerous *nix versions/distros over the years (mid 90's till ...) - BSD, RedHat, Mandriva, XMBC whathaveyou .. never clicked with any of them .. to much hassle, to unstructured and cluttered garbage IMO (compared to good old DOS)

XP was great, quite "modular" as far as Windoze is concerned and i ripped all it's guts out, worked like a charm for many many years (faster than anything anyone could try to push on me) .. unfortunately ... the planned obsolescence eventually got a hold of us .. "'640K is more memory than anyone will ever need"
so around mid 2019 XP was no longer doable in a satisfactory manner, eventually firefox, chrome and recently the last Mypal all decided to throw the towel, stopped playing games years ago anyway so ...

One of the very few 'games' that got/get played are WII emulated .. that emulator quit XP support ..
So now here comes Covert19 and the children really got dependant on PC running all these new crap like Zoom .. good luck on trying to make XP fly somewhat decently :bad:

Since I was somewhat familiar with *nix'es i always kept looking for SMALL distro's and eventually stumbled upon Porteus (5 RC1)
at first it was just to run that WII emulator ..which runs great on Porteus btw .. of course had to compile everything myself since there aren't many ready to go XZM's anywhere ..nor Slackstuff
While most websites decided to follow the planned-obsolescence route (the most simple basic sites get upgraded to some shite that can't be run on even firefox 52.9 (last xp version) or last chrome ..
we started using it for browsing as well ...

So here we are now .. using it more or less as a DAILY driver
XP is still present only because of 2 simple reasons, one pc running a certain securitycam software and the other PC being a hometheater ..and i STILL haven't found anything even remotely as good/versatile as MPC-HC+AC2Filter

but other than that ...

It's almost the perfect OS for me/us.
Wife and children can't break it (and trust me they try ..sigh)
something fugged ? Fresh-mode ..dig into Livelooped mess and clean up there - retry
wanna try something new or temp ? pop in a module ..no good ? throw it out

so after almost 25 years of trying to cross over ..i did it .. even started programming around the same time (in part because of it)

:good: <- this is me giving a thumbs-up for you <gender-neturalized-people> coincidentally creating pretty much exact what i needed in a Linux distro.

and now .. i'm at an age point in my life where i would like to step away from most of technology all together "i'm done with this" :lol: :mega_shok:

DEV Team
DEV Team
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Just another one sucking up to the Porteus team

Post#2 by fulalas » 18 Nov 2021, 20:57

Oh, that's a nice story/feedback! I'm glad you are enjoying Porteus this much.

I have a very similar story. I used Windows since my first computer and when Microsoft released Vista I decided to keep XP. Then comes Windows 7, that after a few tweaks can be a decent OS. But then comes Windows 8, a total shift from MS, going deep into user data mining. That was the moment when I realized: I need an alternative. So in 2016 a friend of mine told me about Porteus and I fell in love in a few minutes. Now look where it took me: I'm one of the developers :)

BTW, just like you I used to think that MPC-HC was unbeatable. But, hey, mpv is just better, believe me. It has FPS/refresh sync feature (enabled by default on Porteus), which is something that in MPC-HC you need Reclock plugin. Mpv has native HDR support. It also has hardware decode acceleration (enabled by default on Porteus). It opens basically all video/audio formats, it's light, fast. What else you need? :)

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Just another one sucking up to the Porteus team

Post#3 by nanZor » 21 Nov 2021, 23:30

Wow, nice feedback, welcome aboard!

The underlying architecture of what Porteus is all about, and the operating environment is pretty nifty. Not for everybody, but when the shoe-fits, it blows the mind.

On some of my installs, it is mostly a browser-launcher. Then again, when I want to get back to the commandline without distractions, the choice of Sakura makes that a no-brainer. Using F11 to cover *everything* (and F11 to get back) allows me to get my cli-groove on and concentrate.

Albeit I still wonder at the marvel of here-files, so that shows you what era I came from. :)

Thanks for the feedback, it is appreciated. And I'm just a random user...
That's a UNIX book - cool. -Garth

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