Porteus v1.1 Final is released!

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Porteus v1.1 Final is released!

Post#1 by brokenman » 08 Jan 2012, 15:02

The Porteus Community is pleased to announce the official and final release of Porteus Version 1.1. This release is available for both 32 and 64 bit editions and includes several bug fixes and some new features -- chief among them are a new graphical installer and a completely overhauled Porteus Package Manager, which now allows users to download hundreds of software packages with automatic dependency resolution through a clean GUI interface. Our goal is to make Porteus efficient, powerful, and flexible while remaining easy to use. Please come and join our 'Portable Linux Community' and help us to further enhance this great little operating system!

Please read the changelog below for specifics.

You can download the 64-bit edition here:
Download 64-bit Porteus

And the 32-bit edition here:
Download 32-bit Porteus

There have been vast improvements since our Version 1.0 release which can be tracked through our forums. Here are the main changes:

- Kernel & Boot:
  • upgraded to kernel 3.1.8 with BFS scheduler + ASPM patch
    - upgraded ndiswrapper to latest stable version
    - dropped broadcom driver as the kernel supports most devices
    - utilities and libraries inside initrd are recompiled against uClibc
    - optimized boot scripts: cache functions are run only when extra modules are found
    - statically compiled 32-bit lilo, syslinux and extlinux
    - switched default runlevel to 4
New Cheatcodes:
-discovers your GPU and loads the proprietary driver from /optional folder

-specifies the preferred keyboard layout

-lets you change default filesystem mount options

-disables your network connections

For more details on cheatcodes please read the cheatcodes.txt document found in the boot folder of the Porteus ISO or read the online documentation:
Cheatcode documentation can be found here.

  • - switched whole system to UTF-8
    - upgrades to kde (64bit), lxde & firefox (Fanthom & thanks to Ponce)
    - kde-4 memory usage reduced from 340MB to 250MB by removing nepomuk and it's dependencies (Fanthom)
    - enabled automounting of devices by default in LXDE
    - pcmanfm shows internal volumes by default
    - ​modified default mount options in linuxrc: added 'nodiratime' and removed 'users' so guest (and other unpriviliged users) will not be able to unmount/mount internal drives
    - ​porteus .sgn file is named as 'porteus-v1.1-$ARCH.sgn' (Kriss suggestion)
    - new version of 'Porteus Package Manager' with many new features (Brokenman)
    - latest 'Porteus Settings Centre' (Hamza)
    - new 'Porteus Installer' (Brokenman)
    - removed some 'system' menu entries that are now handled by other apps
    - updated boot/docs and USB INSTALLATION.TXT file (Ahau)
    - eyecandy: new wallpapers, themes, icons etc..
Click here for a more detailed realtime changelog

The Porteus developers would like to thank everybody involved in creating, testing and using Porteus. This includes family as at times our obsession takes us away from real life. Many thanks to Ahau for maintaining documentation and beta testing. Thanks also go out to Ponce, Hamza, Beny, Wread and all other members that contributed in any way.