Can I run Porteus on UEFI cheap tablets?

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White ninja
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Can I run Porteus on UEFI cheap tablets?

Post#1 by luko » 02 Aug 2019, 09:05

Hi folks,

can i run Porteus on uefi cheap tablets?

i have two machines and i am quiet not happy with windows 10, its very laggy and slow on this cheap atom procesors.

one is Umax 8wi (its clone of chuwi 8wi tablet) has some Atom z3735 and 1GB ram inteh hd graphics the cpu is 64bit but uses 32bit OS thats mean need a bootia32 uefi file.

second is asus vivobook e203n very nice laptop,

i want ask that is posible in future porteus releases on 64bit images support bootia32.efi file and how support is for eMMC storage driver?

lot of thanks.. :D

DEV Team
DEV Team
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Can I run Porteus on UEFI cheap tablets?

Post#2 by neko » 02 Aug 2019, 13:09

Please try to boot the following ISO.
It was built by
replacing (/boot/syslinux/vmlinuz & /porteus/base/000-kernel.xzm) with ones of 64bit-ALL-kernel5.2.5.tar
adding (/EFI/boot/bootia32.efi and /boot/grub).

Now I don't have EFI 32 bit PC, therefore I cannot check it boot. Sorry!

Porteus-OPENBOX-v5.0rc1-efi32-x86_64.iso (340 M) ... x86_64.iso
md5sum: e2b7e1d8b6b142d0f31bb6c907e546bc Porteus-OPENBOX-v5.0rc1-efi32-x86_64.iso


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Can I run Porteus on UEFI cheap tablets?

Post#3 by Ed_P » 02 Aug 2019, 16:19

luko I don't know about cheap tablets but standard Porteus 4.0 installed on my USB drive boots fine on my EFI notebook. My USB drive is formatted as FAT32 so is EFI compatible.

These links should help: UEFI Boot Confusion [Solved] , Porteus on UEFI-ONLY: rock solid boot! (Post by nanZor #72797)

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