Hello from W.A.

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Hello from W.A.

Post#1 by 1tritonI » 22 Sep 2011, 09:41

Dear Porteus People,

Just a short line to introduce myself. I live in Western Australia & am a big fan of Puppeee Linux which I run on an old 701-EeePC. I enjoy playing with mini-linux systems, SliTaz, Tiny-Core & various Puppies. I came to Porteus via Slax. I am very impressed with Porteus, it has rapidly become one of my 'top 5'. A list with only 4 entries!

There is one desktop computer in my house still running Windows - isn't there always - & it will remain to keep me in touch with the way things are done in the big bad world out there. & for those annoying occasions when some odd bit of hardware or software needs the straight stuff. I used to plug a Puppy thumb-drive into the front of that machine & hit the boot-options button at most start-ups. The new arrangement has Porteus installed on an external hard-drive with a little swap space & plugged into the back of my machine. I now press the boot-options button on the (very) odd occasion that I want to go to Windows.

I am spreading the word (with some missionary zeal) & am currently installing Porteus on a number of thumb-drives as this year's stocking fillers. Yes good people it is that time of year again. What am I going to do with the computer illiterate luddites I know? Thank you very much for the lovely new toy-box, I will be back in touch soon.

yours sincerely.

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Re: Hello from W.A.

Post#2 by fanthom » 22 Sep 2011, 12:57

Welcome on board 1tritonI,

i'm glad that you like our effort. feel free to post about your experiences with Porteus - good and bad ones :)
still trying to improve it so every feedback counts.

Please add [Solved] to your thread title if the solution was found.

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Re: Hello from W.A.

Post#3 by brokenman » 05 Oct 2011, 23:12

Good to see another Aussie on board. Especially one that still puts stuff in stockings for Xmas. Welcome aboard 1tritonl.
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