wine 1.3.5 : how to avoid gecko install popup?

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wine 1.3.5 : how to avoid gecko install popup?

Post#1 by att » 16 Sep 2011, 05:10

I'm using WINE 1.3.5 and Porteus 1.
The Wine module I am using is : wine-1.3.5-x86_64.xzm, 26.058.752 bytes (can't remember anymore where I found it - sorry! )

The little annoying problem: I want to start up Totalcommander using Wine, so I do: "wine TOTALCMD.EXE" .
It works fine, but the first time I do this, Wine _always_ wants to install Gecko. If I click "yes, download Gecko", it fails. If I click no, it won't install Gecko, but will continue.

How can I tell Wine at the first time of starting Wine not to try to install Gecko?
Also, I do not know why Gecko-download fails all the time. Is there a proper Gecko file for this version of Wine, and if so, how do I install it?

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Re: wine 1.3.5 : how to avoid gecko install popup?

Post#2 by francois » 16 Sep 2011, 12:53

It seems you found your module from Ponce repo last spring:
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Re: wine 1.3.5 : how to avoid gecko install popup?

Post#3 by fanthom » 16 Sep 2011, 20:52

wine saves it's configuration in hidden folder named ".wine" under your home dir:

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after next launch of any app by wine just create xzm module containing /home/guest/.wine (full path is needed) and you wont be prompted for installing gecko engine anymore.

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