Converting tar.gz to .xzm

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Converting tar.gz to .xzm

Post#1 by lmikeselljr » 16 Jun 2017, 04:02

I'm trying to install ClamAV onto my liveUSB porteus MATE desktop. I have the tar.gz directory and I'm trying to use the dir2xzm command to convert the directory into a module for activation. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this? It seems fairly easy with a tar.xz, but I can't seem to find a solution to tar.gz. Thanks!

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Re: Converting tar.gz to .xzm

Post#2 by Ed_P » 16 Jun 2017, 04:14

lmikeselljr wrote: Does anyone know how I can accomplish this?
What I would do is use USM, search for clamav, Download it and choose the option Convert to Modules. When finished, Activate it in your /tmp/ folder. If you like it, copy it to your modules folder.

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Re: Converting tar.gz to .xzm

Post#3 by Bogomips » 16 Jun 2017, 11:48

The issue seems to be clamav -> ... a91#p55992

Follow link in post, and see if able to download his clamav bundle. :)

As for conversion, in some cases found not a one to one correspondence, as it could be a subdirectory that's been tarred. If it's been under /usr, one cannot be sure. If there is correspondence, then have to make a /usr and fix other subdirectories. Quite a hassle! :(
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