Do you use LibreOffice?

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Re: Do you use LibreOffice?

Post#31 by Evan » 27 Jun 2017, 04:45

Ed_P wrote:OLD "news" and none mentioning Linux desktops.
This is a prime example of arse up and back to front logic and reasoning.

If you accept that the Chinese have a Law that confirms their desire for backdoors then can you provide a logical post with facts or a link where the Chinese government have made certain software such as linux desktops exempt of this law?

Plus can you provide a factual post describing to users what software that this law is currently applied to , what ones it is not currently applied to , and what ones this law may or may not be applied to in the future so people can safely be assured with using their online passwords and banking?

Ed_P wrote:It should be noted to anyone considering doing this. Windows XP is obsolete and no longer supported by Microsoft. This means if freshly installed it will have NONE of the security updates Microsoft released for it over the past decade. i.e. It is a major security risk if used online.
francois wrote:Ed, who do you try to scare? Most people people on this forum are vaccinated adults. Isn't it? This is not a ubuntu forum. 8)
Ed_P wrote:I'm trying to warn/scare anyone who might find this thread via a Google/Bing/Yahoo/ search and wish to install an old Windows XP CD onto a Linux machine. Not talking about installing a Linux system on an existing XP machine, the opposite situation..
Ed_P wrote: wrote:Mozilla released Firefox 52.0.1 on Friday, March 17, with a patch for the integer overflow bug that Chaitin Security Research Lab leveraged in an exploit at Pwn2Own on Thursday,
Shouldn't you keep quiet and not say anything? :roll:

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