Errisson F5521gw 3g Modem Setup

Post bug reports related to either the kiosk ISO or the kiosk wizard here.
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Errisson F5521gw 3g Modem Setup

Post#1 by JoGra » 14 Mar 2017, 11:26

Hi everybody,

I would like to setup a Thinkpad T520 as an kiosk computer with only one webpage accessible.
The webpage is a start and landing management tool for your sailplane airport.
For easy network access i would like to use 3G wireless network with an Errisson F5521gw modem which is build into the T520.

The given method of connecting (select dial-up connection) won't work for me because i need to specify an Access Point Name (APN).
The connection worked out of the box on a normal ubuntu installation.

I have tried to look for a solution in this forum but i haven't found enough helpful information to figure this out.
I also count't figure out how to open a terminal window during the setup.

I would be thankful for all help and directions you could give to me :)

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Re: Errisson F5521gw 3g Modem Setup

Post#2 by fanthom » 14 Mar 2017, 12:22

Hello JoGra,

Please remaster kiosk installation ISO as per this doc:

unsquash 003-settings.xzm module and add missing settings like APN to /etc/wvdial.conf. Once done please install the kiosk and select dialup connection in the wizard.

Thank you.
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