Doubt: Portable x Installable (Changes?)

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Doubt: Portable x Installable (Changes?)

Post#1 by Perfection » 02 Mar 2017, 17:38

First, I want to talk about my first impression and experience with Porteus v.3.2.2

1) Super fast. Either running on CD or installing to HD. Impressive! :Bravo:
It delivers what it promises! :good:

Now, I know it's not the system's fault, just an issue I forgot! :roll:
Porteus is a portable system. Then use that LiveCd file system and etc ... As a type of compression, or other extension of installed programs.
I know this because once I added programs to a LiveCD and for that I had to use a special method, different from downloading a slackware package on the internet and installing.

So I'd like to know if it's possible to install Porteus on the hard drive in the traditional way with the unzipped, separated programs, naturally. So I can download a package and install it in a natural way.

As I said earlier, my idea is to use Porteus as my Main S.O. And I would not want to have the job of preparing packages for installation on Porteus. I would just download and install, be they source code or packages .txz

If I'm talking nonsense here, I'm sorry, I'm new to Linux and I do not understand much, I'm still learning! :sorry:

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Re: Doubt: Portable x Installable (Changes?)

Post#2 by Blaze » 02 Mar 2017, 18:05

Hi Perfection.
Welcome on the board!
  • Boot up Porteus from USB or CD.
  • run "Porteus Installer" from a Start menu of your DE.
  • enter password toor from a root account
  • open "Partition manager" via button with this label
  • unmount and format partition of your hard drive to ext4
  • mount this partition of hard drive with ext4 file system
  • close "Partition manager" and choose this ext4 partition of hard drive
  • click "Next" button
  • select these items
    • I understand and accept the warning above
    • Install bootloader
  • enter ok and press "Enter" button on your keyboard
  • done!
For installing apps use USM

Code: Select all

usm -u usm
usm -u all
usm -g name-of-package
BTW, you can convert deb and rpm files to xzm modules via right click button of mouse and of course compile source to txz or xzm.
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Re: Doubt: Portable x Installable (Changes?)

Post#3 by Bogomips » 02 Mar 2017, 18:08

Welcome to Porteus. Like a lot of us it is difficult to understand the concept of Porteus when you first use it. There is a steep learning curve. So give it time. Try to do everything you wish to do in way of computing, using the recommended setup. Then as you try to do more and more difficult things, you will gain an insight into the workings of Porteus. ;)
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Re: Doubt: Portable x Installable (Changes?)

Post#4 by Ed_P » 02 Mar 2017, 23:17

Perfection wrote:So I can download a package and install it in a natural way.
The standard install of packages in the Porteus world is to download the desired package using Porteus's USM app and store it as an XZM module in the Porteus modules folder. Without a doubt the easiest way to add packages to an OS ever!! :)

Another nice feature of Porteus, it has a friendly forum for support of questions and help with problems. :good:

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Re: Doubt: Portable x Installable (Changes?)

Post#5 by brokenman » 03 Mar 2017, 00:32

So I'd like to know if it's possible to install Porteus on the hard drive in the traditional way with the unzipped, separated programs, naturally. So I can download a package and install it in a natural way.
This is certainly possible and you can then just use slackware packages and install them as normal, however, if this is your goal I would look into alienbob's live slackware (or the regular slackware) since it would no longer be Porteus after you unpack the modules.

Follow Blaze's suggestion above to install Porteus to your hard drive but keep the module format. I use Porteus as my main OS using this system.
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