Security of Porteus development process.

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Re: Security of Porteus development process.

Post#16 by francois » 21 Jul 2011, 01:45

BlackRider is submiting a security issue about sbopkg: ... 5319#p5319

Posted after 12 minutes 32 seconds:
I have initiated some debates on security measures a few years ago on the Slax forum. They seemed to me very instructing.

The issues of today are still the same. Amongst others, to read what Markds had to say on the issue of security (from which he makes is bread), look at Myths or reality about linux and security?: ... ostid36246

And here on root but also on other security issues you can read Sams' prose, presenting a different point of view, in To be root or not to be root, that is the question? ... ntID=66014
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