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Chat link / login

Post#1 by Quax » 29 Dec 2010, 22:39

Hi all,

I would like to suggest that the chat opens in a new window instead of overwriting the forum window.
Otherwise one cannot post and chat at the same time...

It would be fine, too, if one would have to login once only for using both forum and chat.

Just my 0,02$

Regards, Quax
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Re: Chat link / login

Post#2 by brokenman » 30 Dec 2010, 19:41

Thanks Quax

You should only need to login once for forum and have access to chat. I generally use the mchat link at top and open a new tab just for chat. The standard phpbb modification is to open in same window and i'd hate to have to edit the PHP to have it open in new window by default.
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