[How to] upgrade 3.5 nemesis with saved changes from base

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[How to] upgrade 3.5 nemesis with saved changes from base

Post#1 by francois » 22 Dec 2016, 07:50

Stripping nemesis to bare minimum upgrading and rebuilding up to the desktop environment with pman is feasible from command line. pman is a wrapper for pacman. Essentially it will strip each archlinux/manjaro package (plus dependencies) to its bare minimum and will provide this package as a module that could be eventually easily removed. Modules are kept under nemesis in the /porteus/modules folder to be available at bootup.

The following is an example for xfce.
- use a usb key with linux filesystem (not windows filesystem) that have made bootable with the instructions of /boot/docs/install.txt of nemesis iso (syslinux bootloader). Or just install the content of the iso: /boot and /porteus on a partition of your hdd. Instructions to boot nemesis could be adapted from the porteus instructions for grub2 https://forum.porteus.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1790

From outside nemesis (your actual favorite linux distribution):
- start with 000-kernel.xzm 001-core.xzm only which you will find in /porteus/base on the iso. That is once you have a complete installation of nemesis remove the other modules (name.xzm) from /porteus/base folder.

Booting with nemesis in save changes mode:
- upgrade with in save changes mode:

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rm -rf /usr/lib/libdcadec.so.0
pacman -S dcadec
pacman-mirrors -g
pacman -Syyu
- follow arch linux wiki's and install with pman the following :
pman -S xorg-server
pman -S -xf86-video-intel (this is my case, you have to find your video card according to instructions)
pman -S xfce4 (or any desktop manager of your choice)
pman -S leafpad

pman -S xorg-xrandr
pman -S xorg-xkill

-transform your change folder into a module:

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root /mnt/live/memory # dir2xzm changes upgrade-changes.xzm
Move this module to /porteus/modules.
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