While blogtrolling I did compose:

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While blogtrolling I did compose:

Post#1 by bradmbrown » 02 Jul 2011, 23:09

Hi. Was surfing and saw your review.
I am a gui user as often as I can.
However I like things to work, so I want to change what I feel that more, uh, 'works-for-me [italics]'
I cannot argue with your comments. I do not have enough talent hacking linux, whether from gui or clui, so I won't.
I would like to add a couple things I noticed and like or don't like while using Porteus.
It is a lot of small parts, each of them simple, joined together to make a whole, as you know, that is 'slackware way' on top of 'linux way.' Depending on the user's experience and ability, the porteus on slackware on GNU/linux can be made, for the user, to 'work-for-me [italics].'
Porteus reflects a tiny version of what I make when i take the time to make a slackware linux up-and-running.
There are many ways to get a thing done. Some of those [obvious ones the devs anticipated or discovered] have become useful scripted items in the porteus desktop.
Things I cannot figure how to do by looking around on the desktop, I often find after I word what I want to do and then google them.
I bet on [and betted on] reading the howtos and some other stuff in the porteus.org webs site and using those as a step by step, unless you have a healthy sense of humour [and incremental backups while you progress].
I have my install of the porteus 1 64, it has only been a few days [couple weeks?] I have farted around and I have a little USB HDD I made said incremental backups into.

And if I should break it while abusing root, I step back to the backup made an hour or a day before and make I did wrong all right.

Fast as hell, stable someday after I stop monkeying around and get serious about using guest account.
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Re: While blogtrolling I did compose:

Post#2 by francois » 15 Jul 2011, 11:21

For your information there is ADD without hyperactivity, a subtype. A lot of the people with it move on undiagnosed for years, if ever. As for hepatitis, some people are symptomatic, but careless when they meet new partners. This is really the problem. And alas, there are people traveling around with more than hepatitis.

But coming back to the topic of interest, thanks for that nice review of porteus. We would wish that a greater audience could read your prose.
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