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Post#1 by julian2407 » 16 Dec 2016, 13:11

i like install firejail program, it is a sandbox, i installed it but is not working. the main page program says check if namespaces are activated in kernel. im using porteus 3.2 xfce version thanks in advance.

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Re: firejail

Post#2 by francois » 18 Dec 2016, 01:30

You will have to configure or build a kernel with the following special option:
Use of IPC namespaces requires a kernel that is configured with the CONFIG_IPC_NS option.

I am not the specialist of the kernel. However, here is how to do it for porteus. ... ernel.html

Please start a new thread titled something like:
Configure porteus kernel with the CONFIG_IPC_NS option

You will surely have interested followers and helpers. Many forum user have went thru some kernel compilation. :)
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