[Solved] Basic install instructions

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[Solved] Basic install instructions

Post#1 by harleyrider1958 » 24 Jun 2011, 18:02

I am impressed with the Live CD image but also a little confused. At the risk of sounding stupid I have some questions How do I install Porteus? What's the root and user username and passwords on the Live CD? I would like to install either within Virtualbox or replace Linux Mint 11 with Porteus. Also why can I not select between KDE and LXDE in the Live CD?
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Re: Basic install instructions

Post#2 by Ahau » 24 Jun 2011, 18:21

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@Harleyrider1958 – Welcome to Porteus!

The password for the root user is ‘toor’, and the password for guest is ‘guest’.

Installation instructions for CD, USB, and hard drive installs can be found either here or on the CD itself, at /boot/docs/install.txt. Note that if you’re installing to a hard drive, we recommend leaving Porteus in it’s compressed form (aka ‘frugal install’).

You should be able to choose between KDE and LXDE when the bootloader menu comes up (as soon as the computer starts up, a color image comes up, with some text on the left). This menu will display for a few seconds before booting the default option. So, just press the down arrow a couple of times until the ‘LXDE’ boot option is highlighted, then press enter. That will boot you into LXDE.

Also, you should be able to switch from KDE to LXDE after booting into KDE, if you logout of KDE and then change your session type in the KDM menu to LXDE.

RE: Virtualbox – if you’re looking to run Porteus within virtualbox, we have a HOWTO up on our main site that covers that (it may be a little dated, but I think it worked for me last time I tried). You can see it here: http://porteus.org/info/docs/37-install ... ndows.html

If you’re looking to install Porteus to an actual drive from within virtualbox, you should be able to follow the instructions in the install guide, as long as it will give you permissions to edit your device’s MBR. Truth be told, the only reason you need an installer is for the bootloader.
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Re: Basic install instructions

Post#3 by Hamza » 14 Jul 2011, 14:11

This Topic is solved.

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