Changes not saved, fresh start after each boot

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vegan pete
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Changes not saved, fresh start after each boot

Post#1 by vegan pete » 30 Aug 2016, 10:07

Hi, I'm new to Porteus (coming from OpenSuse), I really like it so far but have a few questions relating to the automatic saving and restoring of a session. I've read through the FAQ, read through some older posts but I can't get my head round the problem and the help-files on this site are missing (error 500). Hopefully someone can explain for me?

1- It says that when using a linux filesystem, it can save changes natively. What is a linux filesystem please? I'm aware that NTFS and FAT/FAT32 are not. Does Ext3 and Ext4 allow automatic saving?

2- I think that I have manually created a default savefile and placed it in the Porteus folder, however it does not get loaded in during boot and I cannot manually load it so all the changes I make in a session get lost during shutdown - ie it's a fresh start each time.

3- Not sure what a dat container is or how to create one. I've seen options for folders, files and modules but not sure what the difference is or how to use them.

In summary, I just want to install Porteus so that any work I do during the session and any changes I make such as switching the language to UKGB, setting up WLAN, installing software, saving bookmarks etc, etc, all get carried across to the next session after reboot, automatically.

Thanks for any help. :Yahoo!:

Full of knowledge
Full of knowledge
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Re: Changes not saved, fresh start after each boot

Post#2 by Bogomips » 30 Aug 2016, 10:27

Welcome to Porteus.
Explained this for an ntfs partition for the particular user configuration here. viewtopic.php?f=81&t=6127&p=48395#p48395
Will need to provide correct sdXy for your configuration.
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