[Solved] Issues Resizing savefile.dat in Savefile Manager

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Re: Issues Resizing savefile.dat in Savefile Manager

Post#16 by FURRY_NOVA » 12 Aug 2016, 20:17

I managed to get it to work. I re-did everything to make sure I didn't make an error somewhere, it possible I did. It helped me learn new stuff too.

I wrote down // notes down as I did this for TLDR people viewing this thread.

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// If making changes to a dat container that is accessed through the changes cheat code booting up, use Always Flash mode to avoid issues. For these Terminal commands use Super User Mode (AKA root account).

// Create a dat container. Where "seek" is the new size in mb, 1024 is a gb.
dd if=/dev/null of=/mnt/sdb1/porteus/new_save_ext4.dat bs=1M seek=1024

// Formats the internal file system xfs in the dat I think. To avoid confusion -l is a lowercase L, not a capital i in the perimeter.
/sbin/mkfs.xfs  -b size=4096 -l internal  /mnt/sdb1/porteus/new_save_ext4.dat

// Creates an "old" and "new" folder in the /mnt folder for later.
mkdir /mnt/{old,new}

// Mount those 2 dat containers on those 2 created folders as an accessible drive file system.
mount /mnt/sdb1/porteus/old_save_ext4.dat /mnt/old
mount /mnt/sdb1/porteus/new_save_ext4.dat /mnt/new

// Copy and paste all the files from the "old" to the "new" dat container.
cp -a /mnt/old/* /mnt/new

// Can see if files copied by going to /mnt/new. Where inside such as pictures /home/guest/Pictures/ can be checked if they there.

// Finish by unmounting the dat containers. The folders will remain but empty.
umount /mnt/old
umount /mnt/new
Thanks for your help guys. Also, yea, I think it's an issue with the resize function in Savefile Manager. Hope this helps others. :)
New to Linux but learning. Hoping to help out Porteus community. :)

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