Browser not stretched across all monitors

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Browser not stretched across all monitors

Post#1 by RiRa12621 » 04 Aug 2016, 11:03

we have been using Porteus Kiosk with Intel NUCs and 2 4K 32” monitors attached to it.
While on 3.7 everything was perfectly fine and the browser window was stretched across both monitors by default, we cannot find a way to make this work the same way on 4.0 .
Did something change regarding the window manager or is this meant to be like this by default?

We chose to use chrome as a browser.

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Re: Browser not stretched across all monitors

Post#2 by fanthom » 04 Aug 2016, 14:25

Hello RiRa12621,

There was a change indeed: openbox is compiled with xinerama support. It allows to start two browser instances on a separate screens. An 'automatic updates' subscriber uses this configuration so its default right now.

Perhaps you could modify the kiosk ISO and disable xinerama extension as explained here: ... e-xinerama
If you find working solution then please share with rest of community as it may be helpful to others.

If nothing works then you may order a custom build with openbox compiled without xinerama:
- that would resolve the problem for sure.

Thank you.
Please add [Solved] to your thread title if the solution was found.

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