[Solved] xfe right click menu options?

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[Solved] xfe right click menu options?

Post#1 by fullmoonremix » 25 Jun 2016, 19:15

I'm interested in having similar right click menu USM options (eg. extract/make module or txz2xzm ...etc) in xfe as the other Porteus file managers.


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Re: xfe right click menu options?

Post#2 by ncmprhnsbl » 26 Jun 2016, 08:28

for porteus rightclick menu actions in xfe:
for filetype (eg xzm or tgz etc) do 'open with' association , and this will appear in the ~/.config/xfe/xferc file [FILETYPES] section
alternatively, you can make these entries directly in the xferc file:

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xzm=activate;Porteus Module;;;;
this has the advantage of being able to define what the filetype is and add an icon path if you wish..
you'll see entries for rpms and such which point at the xfp package manager(which wont work), this can be changed to convert_rpm:

Code: Select all

rpm=convert_rpm;RPM Package;rpm_32x32.png;rpm_16x16.png;;
and so on..
dont seem to be able to have multiple associations eg. activate deactivate extract... for this see below:

for folder oriented things like create-module(and multiple associations) ,
make a symlink(rigthclick> New Symlink>create-module) to /usr/bin/create-module(or whatever) in ~/.config/xfe/scripts folder
and this will appear in the Scripts submenu on the rightclick menu
and then of course save contents of ~/.config/xfe/xferc to your module...
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Re: xfe right click menu options?

Post#3 by fullmoonremix » 26 Jun 2016, 11:31

@ ncmprhnsbl... the information you provided will assist me in solving the problem to which I am inquiring.

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