Graphical boot loader (MBR) installers for Linux

Here you can post about non-standard installation methods
(for example when using grub4dos).
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Graphical boot loader (MBR) installers for Linux

Post#1 by tome » 12 Jun 2016, 19:16

GRUB4DOS Installer 1.4 - "grubinst_gui is a GUI frontend to grubinst" (grubinst is utility used to install GRUB4DOS to the MBR of hard disk or image file), it provides a friendly interface to users who are not familiar with the command line environment." It sets only MBR (grldr and menu.lst must be copied manually). More info, sources and binaries (32bit): ... ntry191845

DebianDog Installer (Puppy Linux) - "installer for frugall/full USB/HDD using grub4dos/syslinux with option to install from iso or directory". It can install MBR exclusively. Source code and 32bit binary: ... ... ler.tar.gz
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Re: Graphical boot loader (MBR) installers for Linux

Post#2 by Ed_P » 12 Jun 2016, 23:59

Hi tome.

The GRUB4DOS Installer looks interesting. I still use GRUB4DOS on my non-EFI machine but it is via the Windows boot loader.

Have you seen the Grub2Win app? ... rce=navbar

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