Persistence problems

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Persistence problems

Post#1 by lobsters15 » 26 May 2016, 22:34

Perhaps I shouldn't start a new post but as I cannot set up persistence with a save.dat file I thought of setting up a USB stick so persistence is achieved automatically by having Porteus on an ext4 partition. How can I set up a USB stick so that there is an Ext4 partition with Porteus that does not require setting up persistence with save.dat files? I appreciate that there has to be a partition that my PC can boot from (my PC cannot boot from a completely formatted ext4 USB stick).

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Re: Persistence problems

Post#2 by wread » 01 Jun 2016, 22:26

Hi, lobster15!
From your question I see you are a bit confused about Porteus as live system. Peristence has nothing to do with Ext4 file system, for instance.

If you start Porteus as normal user -not in AF mode- anything you add will go to a permanent folder named "changes", so the next time you start as a normal user again, you will have your changes working again.

I recommend you read the tutorials at Porteus site. There you will get a more detailed explanation how the system works, and the options you have to get your changes working also when you start in always fresh mode.

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