Porteus modules directory subfolders?

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White ninja
White ninja
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Porteus modules directory subfolders?

Post#1 by cyrus104 » 13 May 2016, 02:55

To help keep the modules folder organized I would like to use sub folders. Is this currently possible? Then I can run lean and only move a folder from optional to module as needed.


Full of knowledge
Full of knowledge
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Re: Porteus modules directory subfolders?

Post#2 by donald » 13 May 2016, 03:36

Hello cyrus
There is no need to move Folders around.
you could use the "extramod" cheatcode

... This cheatcode lets you load modules from one or more external
folders that are located outside of the /porteus directory.
Multiple folders can be specified, with full paths separated by
a semicolon without any spaces.
or if the system is already running:

Code: Select all

activate /path/to_folder_with_xzm
guest@localhost:~$ activate /mnt/sda2/Porteus/Progs/audacity
all modules in the "audacity-folder will be activated.
(use deactivate to reverse the activation.)

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