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Re: Coreboot...

Post#16 by fullmoonremix » 09 Jun 2016, 07:29

Salutations... :good:

As I see it... we are dealing with 3 concepts here... belief... trust... and what is verifiable (peer review and industry support).

Coreboot credibility is not based on opinion it's based on peer review and industry support.

So regardless of anyone's opinion... Google which now controls over 60% of the desktop market in less
than 10yrs that was originally dominated by Apple and Micro$oft has bet the farm on this technology.

And rightly so... in the wake of emerging exploits like "BadUSB".
In any case... my decision to endorse this technology is based on losing $1500+ to this bug.

To those that have not been victimized (yet?) or don't realize they are victimized...
if they want to whistle past the graveyard then again... to each his own.

(Yet again...) as I stated earlier I practice what I preach... thus the disclaimer in my post signature @ the bottom of my posts.

I have said this many times on my threads... if the discussion turns from dialogue to debate either it's
time to PM me for private discussion (to ask me... "what do you mean"?) or it's time to lock this thread.

"Best Regards"... :beer:

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Re: Coreboot...

Post#17 by Evan » 09 Jun 2016, 07:36

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Re: Coreboot...

Post#18 by fullmoonremix » 09 Jun 2016, 14:22

Salutations... :good:

Excellent... we are back on track. What is happening is Intel is making the smart play.
They realize Micro$oft has lost the PC/moblie wars to Google so they are catering to both.

As I say many times... it's NOT about one thing being "top dog".
It's a big tent... there's room for everybody to do their thing.

ChromeOS books/boxes are Intel units which support Coreboot. Secure boot is
Micro$oft's (hostile?) veiled attempt to block OEM support of Linux installation.

To set the record straight... to "crack" (flash) signed firmware you must be able to authenticate.
Rowhammer might get you root but NOT authentication with a live distro booted from signed firmware.

What I'm trying to say is you can infect the session but NOT the bootstrap.
This is the beauty of booting from a live system like Porteus... self-healing reboot.

However... I would still strongly recommend kernel hardening because you don't want your session jacked either.

"Best Regards"... :beer:

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