NSA Party Van #1 (@privacy / @surveillance)

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NSA Party Van #1 (@privacy / @surveillance)

Post#1 by Rava » 16 Apr 2016, 22:53

This is about thoughts and some background about the 5eyes, what might help for privacy, but also what might achieve the very opposite.

This below text was off topic and therefore cut out of a post about coding. Since it's about IT / privacy / surveillance , it still might interest someone.

To get into the flow of my writing, I repeat the paragraph that initialized the derailing. [Prior removing that part I marked the next paragraph as "digress" but since this is another thread, its on topic again.]

[Starting to sum up details of a coding issue]
But to tell you the truth, prior of me using versioned names and several versions, at least all the older ones up to one that I booted from, I did at one time mess up my Firefox settings, losing many new bookmarks that I did in that week, a lots of which all googling (it was all in Slack Time, prior of the age of Slack remix, so I knew nothing of duckduckgo, I did find it, but at the beginning it often not found all that google would find, but these days are long over and duckduckgo is now as good a search engine as google is, minus all the privacy stealing info that google does.)

5eyes do that no less than Google does, as does Russia, China and lots of blackhats. But what can you do against the most powerful secret services? Or does anyone think angering blackhats or greyhats way at any time in the past a good idea for any large firm who did so? E.g. see the last huge Sony hack. Did they find all they did it? Yes, they found some, but not even the FBI found all. And that's sure saying something...

What I wanted to say is: Everyone should be sensitive about private data on the intertubes. And it's not only the 5eyes and other governmental funded agencies. There are also lots of crazies out there.
What will happen when a crazy wants to just hurt you, because: reasons. It's called doxxing and can get very nasty.

But it is more easy to avoid Google and Failbook, than avoiding the 4 eyes since they are allowed to read all data links and forbid every intertubes company that they forced to get them the access they ask for.
Sure, Failbook and Google are the biggest intertubes companies, and I dislike both, for several reasons, not because they are big, or rich. I don't care for that, not because they not care for user security or user privacy.
And we can do much against that.

Avoiding giving any data to any of the 5eyes (or at times the similar groups lurking from Russia or China) is so much more harder, and especially they care not that much about Joe Mc Normal Intertubes user, but when Joe Mc Normal starts using the tor system, he will be gain so much more interest from the 5 eyes,like a 1000fold more interest...
So, not that I door care that much about the modern sleuth snails from the 5eyes that much, they might have huge budgets and supercomputers, but the key ingredients in making sense out of data, in the end, are always humans looking at that data.
Search and find and analyse software sure is able to do lots, but on the other hand, the bad guys on the other side are also not stupid.
The UK is the country with the most surveillance cameras in the world. Did that hinter the London Bus and Tube attacks?

France is part of he 5eyes. Paris attacks much? Brussels? Have the 5eyes been able to get the terrorists before they attacked in any of these 3 cities? Nope.

And that shows that what they tell us, that they need the surveillance to secure our safety is a lie. They want to secure the money and influence of the richest 1% in the world. That they really do, and they not care that much about Joe Mc Normal Internet, unless it's about the 1%. Or he uses tor, that is. (See above)

And the "they watch you when you use tor" is no paranoia or propaganda.

Ask folks who just host a tor entry or exit point. Back when Snowden gave the first two and only names of Germans who are watched closely by 5eyes, it was Kanzlerin Merkel, and some guy no one never heard of before. What did he do? Host a tor entry/exit point.

He was never accused of doing something illegal, or something wrong. But just doing something legal was enough that he was spied on 24/7.

Food for thought? Maybe...hopefully
Yours Rava

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