checksums for latest iso's & devel module?

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checksums for latest iso's & devel module?

Post#1 by isr » 29 Feb 2016, 07:15

Just wondering if there are valid checksums anywhere for the latest nemesis iso's and the 05-devel.xzm module?

If not, could I suggest that you:
- generate checksums
- pgp sign the checksum file (if its hosted on the same machine as the iso's, then anyone modifying the iso's could also modify the checksum as well)

I know its a pain in the backside (sorry), but once setup, it should be automatic from then on. And if not, then ... (case in point, the recent high-profile tampering of Linux Mint iso's)

BTW, is ... -devel.xzm still relevant for the (later) 3.5 iso's?

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere on this forum and I missed it :)

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Re: checksums for latest iso's & devel module?

Post#2 by Rava » 16 Apr 2016, 05:47

It also includes the GNU C & C++ linker and compiler (and more than just these), all also needed for compiling. :D

And since every Port version has a different kernel version, it is very unlikely that you could use any other 05-devel.xzm than the one for that very version.

(That's the reason I often rename 05-devel.xzm to include the version, like 05-devel_3.1x86-64.xzm, when running several different Port versions, like 3.0 and 3.1, or more important, when running 3.1 and 3.2rc1, 3.2rc2 and such (when they come out, that is) xD
Yours Rava

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