Replacing Deleted Porteus Start-up File/Files

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Replacing Deleted Porteus Start-up File/Files

Post#1 by jimwg » 21 Feb 2016, 00:09


I pruned the Mint programs off a working flash drive that was previous installed with Mint 14 then installed Porteus 3.1 which ran okay with Mint home folder intact and functional till I decided to "prune" a few more residual Mint files and folders to make more disk space and when I rebooted the startup screen stopped with:

cp: can't stat '/union/sbin/init: no such file or directory.

So I guess I pruned just a little too much. :( Am I proper in assuming that I can replace the deleted file or folder with one from another Porteus flash if I knew exactly what to copy, or can I reinstall Porteus on the same drive to replace what missing vital Porteus files without fear of the home folder or new app and screen defaults being overwritten? This isn't a super-emergency, but just for learning's sake I'd like to know if such remedies would work. Thanks!

Thanks for any assist!

Jim in NYC

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Re: Replacing Deleted Porteus Start-up File/Files

Post#2 by brokenman » 21 Feb 2016, 01:25

Could you have removed something from the boot folder? The only situation I can think of is if you removed/replaced vmlinuz or initrd.xz. IF Porteus is finding another kernel somewhere it may also be booting from that. Perhaps with no aufs compiled in and therefore can't find init.
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Re: Replacing Deleted Porteus Start-up File/Files

Post#3 by roadie » 21 Feb 2016, 01:31

Is the porteus.cfg file pointing to the right kernel and initrd.xz?

I've had that error if the wrong initrd.xz was set on the command line.

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