Problem saving Firefox settings in a module

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Problem saving Firefox settings in a module

Post#1 by rcrsf » 08 Feb 2016, 08:56

I'm trying to use Copy2Ram to load my desktop layout and various program settings via a module. My goal is to set it all up once, and then have those settings never change.

Using the module (.xzm) method, the Porteus desktop layout seems to load okay, and my Firefox settings (under Firefox's "Edit -> Preferences") seem to load okay as well.

However, the module does not successfully save my bookmarks on the Firefox bookmark toolbar. When I restart, that toolbar is hidden, and when I click to display it the bookmarks are gone.

Is there some other way to capture these type of Firefox settings in a module? Or rootcopy maybe?? Whatever's easiest.

Full of knowledge
Full of knowledge
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Re: Problem saving Firefox settings in a module

Post#2 by Bogomips » 08 Feb 2016, 12:22

In Kernel Parameters (cheatcode) use changes=EXIT:/path/(changes directory to be created here) just the one time. In this run get every setting how you want it. Then reboot witn changes=/path/(where changes directory was specified) changes-ro thereafter. Changes will be read just once at boot up.

/path/ can also be /dev/device/

Please see shanges
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