[Tutorial] HP WL printing using WPS/PIN then WL scan

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[Tutorial] HP WL printing using WPS/PIN then WL scan

Post#1 by aus9 » 03 Feb 2016, 13:19


WL= wireless
WPS= Wifi Protected Setup button
PIN= No WPS button so input a numeric value generated by the printer that a member needs to input into the router admin page for WPS/PIN setup found somewhere in their router wireless config pages.

post 1 for wireless printing via WPS
post 2 for wireless scanning
post 3 for wireless seup using PIN if WPS fails

This post is to be read with https://forum.porteus.org/viewtopic.php?f=138&t=5470 as I don't want to repeat myself for some things. However if you have a WL HP printer or scanner I suggest you ignore Gutenprint and install Hplip.

This thread has a number of issues as we want to print wirelessly. In no order they are
a) Can you router do WPS or allow PIN inputs?
b) Can your HP or wireless printer do WPS? Most modern WL printers allow either.
c) Are you happy to use router DNS or do you need a static address?

You may need to login in to your router admin page to enable WPS, as I had disabled it as I normally use a USB printer.
Your web browser address for the admin page is your gateway address discussed earlier.

HP setup and router setup
First we know the HP must be a model that can do wireless. Mine is the Deskjet 3050 and it has a button for wireless so turn on printer and remove USB lead and press wireless button on HP.

In the mini screen there are 3 buttons and the top button may ask enable wireless so press it
--if its already enabled the wording will say Disable wireless

Enabling wireless causes LED to flash next to wireless

The middle button says WPS so press it

The mini screen now says press the WPS button on your router

Press the router button on your router and go back to your mini HP screen. Syncing has a delay of about 2 minutes to allow you to race to other side of the house in case you can't shout to a another householder to do the router WPS button.

After sync HP displays its ip address, for me its and my router gateway is
---Flashing LED changes to constant LED on printer.

As you can see WPS is the easiest way to setup wireless printing but now we go back to the main post and
start and stop the cups daemon.

Now we can go to the web browser page and click on add printer to input the root password
Now we can click on find new printers and this is the changed image

Discovered network printers may show your neighbours if they have it turned on and within range of your router.

I chose the bottom entry and then completed the other normal steps to setup printer including page size etc with one minor difference.
I elected to call my location wireless. Also I chose shared printer to allow any user on the same sub-net to use this printer

http://www.cups.org/documentation.php/d ... aring.html

Test print
So when I did a test text print from leafpad I see these choices

For the technically minded members

From the web page for cups/printers for this printer the connection details show as
Connection: socket://
You can see the ip of, the 9100 is the port number

http://www.cups.org/documentation.php/d ... twork.html

HP appears to always prefer port 9100 but other wireless printers may use another port.
Consult your printer's manual or the internet if you can not translate this tutorial for HP into some other make like Canon etc


Re: [Tutorial] HP wireless printing using WPS then WL scan

Post#2 by aus9 » 04 Feb 2016, 05:51

post 2 is for wireless scanning

Some HP models allow you to scan using their network admin page.

From post 1 we know the ip for me was so use your web browser to go to that page brings ups this scan page


after scan completes HP tells you what to do next on how to save it,
as per red text in below image. How easy is that?


compared to the USB tutorial ..... the below image shows this location is wireless and uses a different driver (PPD)


Re: [Tutorial] HP WL printing using WPS/PIN then WL scan

Post#3 by aus9 » 05 Feb 2016, 11:26

post 3 is for PIN setup where you lack WPS button on the printer or router or both but printer and router allows PIN setup.

From the first post, lets go to the step where on the HP screen you have wireless enabled and the WL led is flashing.

Instead of press the button next to WPS we choose the button on the HP or printer for PIN and it will generate a PIN number.

The image below is for the router. So you need to have someone at the router admin page already logged in and at the setting which varies from router to router to get to the PIN entry. For me the delay to get to the router input page was about 4 minutes....longer than WPS.

The HP shows a longish number YMMV.


In that image, I did not click the PBC....which AFAIK is a software switch equal to pressing the WPS button. Instead I input that number and press PIN to input the PIN to the left.
Then it attempts to sync and the image is a success screen.

This completes this Tutorial for now.