[README FIRST PLEASE] How to get Nemesis

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[README FIRST PLEASE] How to get Nemesis

Post#1 by aus9 » 03 Feb 2016, 05:00

This is a copy of brokenman's post one level up

Support is only offered for the latest version as there is often major changes in the core at this alpha testing stage. As of v3.5 we have settled on a Manjaro base using the openrc init system.

The name of this release is Porteus Nemesis so as to relate it to arch based porteus. All development of the older Nemesis (with nemesis graphics) has ceased.

### Where can I get it?

Devel module that contains everything needed for compiling.

### How to install it
Installation is the same as other versions of porteus.
1) Unpack the provided ISO onto your installation device
2) On EFI machines that is all you have to do.
3) On standard BIOS machine you now cd into the boot folder on the installation media
4) Run the Porteus-installer-for-XXXX.com file

5) Now take a look at the configuration files inside the config folder. Use these to set up things how you want them.

### I've booted so now what?
Open a root console and run:

Code: Select all

This will setup the package managers for Porteus. It also updates the ca-certificates.
There are two ways to handle packages. Both are run from a console.

6) If you are booting without changes= cheatcode then use pman.
e.g: pman -S firefox
This will download your package and generate a porteus compliant module that will be placed in the folder you designated in step 5.
If no folder was designated then the modules will be in your modules folder (/mnt/sdXy/porteus/modules) or in /tmp if the modules folder is not writable.
In order for modules to persist a reboot they need to be in the modules folder.

7) If you are saving changes then the package manager called pacaur can be used (as guest user). This will not generate porteus modules. It will first search the official arch repositories for packages and if none are found it will search the arch user repositories and try to build your package. In order to build packages you will need the 05-devel module and kernel packages. You can get these by running: get-devel

Use your chosen package manager to download an internet browser.
pman -S firefox

### Modules
From a command line you can now avoid the gui popup when activating a module by issuing: activate /path/to/module.xzm quiet
When activating multiple modules only one popup appears at the end with a report of the activation result.
You can fetch the 05-devel.xzm module (required for pacaur or compiling) by issuing: get-devel

#### Notes

Browser icon in panel
If you want your browser icon to automatically show in the lxpanel, copy the desktop file to /usr/share/applications/browser.desktop
cp /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop /usr/share/applications/browser.desktop
echo "NoDisplay=true" >> /usr/share/applications/browser.desktop
This can be done with any browser.

Activating modules
From a command line you may issue the 'quiet' switch to avoid popping up a report at the end of activation.

Fixed partitions not showing in pcmanfm
To have a fixed partition show in pcmanfm issue: gvfs-partition-toggle /dev/sda9
This allows people with 15 partitions not to have pcmanfm cluttered and choose which partitions to show.

Extracting/Converting packages
Extract an installed package by issuing: arc2xzm firefox
Convert arch packages to modules (with deps pulled in) by issuing: pkg2xzm /path/to/package.tar.xz

Man pages
The config file config/manpages allows you to download man pages locally for later reference.
This requires an internet connection.

Autorun script on boot
It is possible to keep the /etc/rc.local system

You can also create a .desktop file as in: /etc/xdg/autostart/mouse.desktop
Or take a look at the files in /etc/lxdm

This release allows you to download the 05-devel.xzm file which contains:
crippled kernel source
kernel headers
extracted application headers
extra firmware
This should be everything you need to compile programs. Later versions will separate these file.

Happy testing