Android phone MMS security

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Android phone MMS security

Post#1 by aus9 » 01 Jan 2016, 13:58


Just reading about the potential for some phones to be exploited if there are naughty people who send you a MMS exploiting the "stagefright" stuff ... hack-news/

the problem is a number of users, including myself may not have a well known OS that will update Over The Air etc so here are some simple steps to minmise our potential vulns

1) Check how many apps you have that can open or use messaging. Lets hope its only one. Remove all that you can unless you are not rooted in which case you may prefer your newer one so have to do this multiple times.

2) Open each messaging app and click the settings button

Different devices have different ways of getting here so I show 2 and I don't use hangouts. But the link shows how to turn off the hangouts setting.
CP= coolpad 8297w android 4.2.2 yep its old
JY=Jiayu s3sw android 4.4.4
-- CP -> Messaging -> Settings button -> Settings -> MMS -> (a) turn off retrieve instantly and (b) auto retrieve during roaming
--JY -> Messaging -> settings button -> settings -> MMS -> untick the box against Auto-retrieve (will disable its sub-menu)

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