ISO not saved on removable media

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ISO not saved on removable media

Post#1 by bb1769 » 15 Dec 2015, 20:14

I was unable to save the .iso on removable media (USB stick and SD card) at the end of the configuration process. I would hit Save ISO, click save, and it would immediately say that the file was saved to the removable media. But nothing would be there.

Finally I figured out how to get it to work: at the step for saving the ISO, make sure the removable media is NOT inserted. Click Save ISO. AFTER the dialog for selecting the location comes up, then insert the media (a message at screen top should say it's detected). You can click the folder button next to the location bar to ensure it's reading your media. Go back to the save dialog, type a file name as desired, then click save. It should take a minute to actually write the ISO file.

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Re: ISO not saved on removable media

Post#2 by fanthom » 15 Dec 2015, 21:28

Hello bb1769,

Kiosk Wizard says:

Code: Select all

You must follow the instructions below. Please mind that your device will be automounted under the /media folder. If your device is plugged already then you must remove it and plug again.
1. Plugin device and wait on a confirmation that it was automounted in the system.
2. Enter the name of your kiosk ISO and select folder where it should be saved.
3. Click on 'Save ISO' button to create the ISO and transfer it on the device.
English is not my native language so if you think i could improve above description then please share.

Thank you.
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