Help on scripts to update any linux distro

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Help on scripts to update any linux distro

Post#1 by Ecocomputing » 02 Nov 2015, 08:33

I've been working on making a set of update scripts for any linux distro (we're mainly focusing at compatibility with Slitaz to start, but any other linux distro would also be supported; for other distros, the users can change the scripts a bit) See

We do need some programmers/scripters to finish off some scripts we started, knowingly: (still needs to add different
mountpoints, ...)
More info on what does what at ... /wiki/FAQ/
You'll notice that the scripts will add important, useful features, such as allowing booting with and without persistence, making the drive lettering more logical, ... As such, it could be important to the popularising of linux as a whole, and convince more people to switch to linux, which in turn is beneficial for the comunity as well (as that will make more hardware manufacturers support it by default, ...).

If you're able to help us, come and join us (contact me via the emailadress mentioned at the sourceforge page)

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