How to start ssh daemon?

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How to start ssh daemon?

Post#1 by miner_tom » 30 Oct 2015, 17:08


I am attempting to copy files between two linux computers that are connected via an ethernet hub. One computer is running linux fedora and the other is running Porteus. I am certain that the machine running fedora has the ssh daemon running. I was able to start it with "systemctl start sshd" and I can see lots of files related to ssh keys in /etc/ssh. However, on the Porteus machine, there is no command for systemctl and I do not know which package to load in order to get it. Also, there are only to files in /etc/ssh, sshconfig and sshd_config. Finally, it seems that in both of these files on the Porteus machine, everything is commented out.

I can ping each computer from the other, so I know that they are connected.

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Re: How to start ssh daemon?

Post#2 by brokenman » 30 Oct 2015, 18:09

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chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.sshd
/etc/rc.d/rc.sshd start
To make it persistent you will need to copy the file into rootcopy.

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cp -a --parents /etc/rc.d/rc.sshd /mnt/sdXy/rootcopy
Files in the rc.d file that are executable are run at startup.
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