How to get the application launcher to "see" a package?

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How to get the application launcher to "see" a package?

Post#1 by miner_tom » 29 Oct 2015, 03:03

I know that this question sounds awfully basic but I have used other download managers than USM with different results. On Porteus I downloaded a firefox package and then I uncompressed it. In a terminal, If I go down into the directory structure where the package was loaded and find the executable, I can then run it by typing ./firefox. Now, I would like to find an icon that I can click on that would accomplish the same thing in KDE. The application launcher does not see anything related to firefox. I am thinking along the lines of having to modify the PATH variable but that does not explain how to update the application launcher.

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Re: How to get the application launcher to "see" a package?

Post#2 by Ed_P » 29 Oct 2015, 03:46

You're working this too hard.

Use USM to download the "package", as a module, an .xzm file, copy it to your /porteus/modules/ folder, dbl click on it and Activate it. Wait couple of seconds and it should be in the Internet menu.

No unpacking needed.


Re: How to get the application launcher to "see" a package?

Post#3 by aus9 » 29 Oct 2015, 05:06


Its possible OP means a download of a more recent firefox outside the USM package system?

if so, I use such a method, it breaks the modular design of Porteus so be aware I am naughty. :oops:

however your icon entry would be if firefox is unpacked at /home/guest (AND) the excutable pathway
Exec=/home/guest/firefox/firefox %u

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Re: How to get the application launcher to "see" a package?

Post#4 by tome » 29 Oct 2015, 16:26

Create new "my-firefox-launcher.desktop" file. Open it with text editor and paste:

Code: Select all

[Desktop Entry]
Name=My Firefox
GenericName=Web Browser
and edit Exec= and Icon= lines.
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Re: How to get the application launcher to "see" a package?

Post#5 by brokenman » 29 Oct 2015, 23:29

If you want it to appear in your 'menu' then put tome's file in /usr/share/applciations
If you want it to appear on the toolbar then name it browser.desktop and place it in /usr/share/applications
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