[SOLVED] suggestion only Porteus server

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[SOLVED] suggestion only Porteus server

Post#1 by aus9 » 15 Oct 2015, 11:14

Hi this is a suggestion only. Feel free to ignore.

Not sure if links are allowed for a new member but in the Announcements forum the 2 dev members mention the dot org site had some strains due to the desktop wizard.

I searched before posting and can see a number of members use mega.nz to host their derivatives.

I would have thought, without any brain cells left in my body, due to supporting aussie beer companies, :D
why not move the isos to a site that offers 50 G of free cloud or the like?

if link is allowed its here

I am aware new members may be regarded as spammers and I can assure you this is a free hosting site and I have no involvement in it.

good luck
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Re: suggestion only Porteus server

Post#2 by francois » 15 Oct 2015, 19:25

Welcome to porteus aus.

You do not look like a spammer at all. Though our revenues do not make any of us as billionaires, it seems that we have enough to run the server. Nonetheless, your suggestion is welcome, as any other about the porteus os.

After some testing please provide us with a good review, pros and cons about your porteus linux experience.
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Re: suggestion only Porteus server

Post#3 by aus9 » 16 Oct 2015, 02:07


On the grounds its not a bug and merely another suggestion, can I make this suggestion for the next release of the desktop?
I know I should start a new thread but its only a feature request of low priority so I don't want to annoy you guys too early.
I hope.

1) When a new user (thats me) or other newbies "activate" a downloaded module they created thru USM
there is a small dialog box that appears to say something like well done, but it disappears after only a second or two.

2) Experienced users probably don't care about it......but new users are feeling their way and any system feedback/dialog is important IMHO.

I would like to be able to read it and close it manually.

Anyone care to reply?

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Re: suggestion only Porteus server

Post#4 by brokenman » 16 Oct 2015, 02:51

due to supporting aussie beer companies
True blue ocker then for sure.

The problem with leaving the dialog open to read is that people often activate 10s or hundreds of modules at a time. They activate in seconds, but then closing the dialog boxes would take minutes with out using killall.

The text reads: Well done! $BASE: module activated successfully

If you really want to leave it open you will need to edit the file: /opt/porteus-scripts/xorg/xactivate
LINE: 36
Xdialog --title "activate success" --no-close --no-buttons --infobox "Well done! $BASE: module activated successfully." 0 0 2000 &

Remove the ampersand from the end and then it will wait for you to close the box. Or increase the number from 2000 to 5000

Sorry, I meant you will need to remove the --no-close option and increase the 2000 (2 seconds) to whatever you prefer.
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Re: suggestion only Porteus server

Post#5 by aus9 » 16 Oct 2015, 22:14

thanks marked as solved please

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