My settings under porteus/arch and nemesis

Porteus based on Arch with pacman package manager.
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My settings under porteus/arch and nemesis

Post#1 by francois » 08 Oct 2015, 00:19

As I was hijacking stifiling post on porteus/arch aka sensei, I have decided to tranfer my settings under porteus/arch in a thread of its own.

What is interesting here is that the information is valuable almost as is, under nemesis with very few adaptation. Here we are setting an environment with xfce desktop.

The system boots on toshiba utralbook z930.

1.0 Under nemesis to have the same installation as under porteus/arch aka sensei use the changes= (without EXIT) in your preferred boot loader.

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pacman -S xorg-server xfce4
2.0 Under porteus/arch aka sensei, before doing anything, make sure you are connected to internet thru cable or wifi. Then change to command mode thru logout exit x. Update database for porteus arch with:

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pacman -Sy
Install at least a terminal, my favorite is xfce4-terminal. You can copy/paste items with this one. To get back in X environment use startx.

Then make sure that your changes will be kept with the automatically save session option:

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kde menu > system > settings > session and startup > automatically save session
There is no need for a save.dat (ntfs container) if you are on a linux system. However, you will to specify the save folder in your loader instructions. In my case I choose changes as folder for the save folder. Here is my menu.lst entry with the changes cheatcode:

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Here is an example of how to install a package with pacman:

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root@sensei:~# pacman -Sy xfce4-terminal
My preferred packages :
- xfce4-terminal
- thunar
- mousepad (nice little text editor)
- chromium
- ttf-bitstream-vera (the xfce desktop looks better with these bigger fonts, you have to reboot chromium to see its effect)
- xorg-xrandr (I have a laptop and love to work dual display as much as I can. I have a nice little script for that)
- libreoffice
- evince (pdf viewver)
- cups
- system-config-printer (on top of cups, does a great job to configure and access printing functions, a lot of automatic configuration)
- simple-scan
- vlc
- mc (midnight commander, a very powerfull overall tool in cli mode)
- mlocate (to find missing dependencies)
- xorg-xkill
- lxmed (python script) panel menu editor:

Special commands to be able to work root mode or to get some application going:

1.0 chromium root mode:
I found the way to run chromium-root, on archlinux msxmaniac propose:

Add "--user-data-dir" to CHROMIUM_FLAGS= in the /etc/chromium/default file:

The best procedure in root mode is to open chromium with normal user mode as sandbox for chromium will not work under root mode:
Command line:

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su -c chromium guest
right click the K to get menu settings of chromium an change the given command line for the above.

2.0 vlc root mode: ... hp?t=40400
- install hex editor like ghex or hexedit.
- use it to for /usr/bin/vlc file
- find .geteuid, replace by .getppid

3.0 Mounting all your partitions:
Modifying fstab:

Get my partitions with:

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root@sensei:~# fdisk -l
Then mount my partitions (this is an example from my linux box):

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root@sensei:~# mkdir /mnt/sda{1,2,5,6,7,8}
fstab for Porteus-3.1/arch aka sensei would be:

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none          /proc        proc     defaults               0 0
none          /sys         sysfs    defaults               0 0
devpts        /dev/pts     devpts   gid=5,mode=620         0 0
/dev/fd0      /mnt/floppy  auto     noauto,rw              0 0
UUID=3390e9bb-970a-40e8-acea-8240899ab62c        none        swap    sw                 0 0
UUID=A07E59777E594766                                    /mnt/sda1    ntfs-3g    rw,user,auto 0 0
UUID=d5819259-afa1-4ebd-8d83-60be543a3794       /mnt/sda2   ext4        rw,user,auto 0 0
UUID=86a0fbe0-154f-405a-92be-e93f944d93a7         /mnt/sda5   ext4        rw,user,auto 0 0
UUID=43b05240-cbf5-4c1a-9733-fa251ade7aa2        /mnt/sda6   ext4        rw,user,auto 0 0
UUID=9da4aa97-57a2-42b6-a069-9b40f65ad8bd       /mnt/sda7   ext2        rw,user,auto 0 0
UUID=4739d98d-e5c6-454c-a582-f62f7a8b4299        /mnt/sda8   ext4        rw,user,auto 0 0
Where the uuids come from the blkid command:

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root@sensei:~# blkid
5.0 mlocate adjustment:
Add to /etc/group file:

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#mlocate adjustment
6.0 CUPS needs cupsd to start: ... &start=180

7.0 Interesting threads on archlinux and porteus or archlinux alone.
A must thread on porteus-archlinux, more specifically on AUR by ViktorNova:
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Re: My settings under porteus/arch and nemesis

Post#2 by francois » 18 Dec 2015, 00:31

Added script to start chromium normal user under root mode.
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