Fund raising for porteus: discussion

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Fund raising for porteus: discussion

Post#1 by lemming » 21 Sep 2015, 12:05


I agree about the public discussions. The email was about fundraising, so I figured it would be off topic here, at least under the long file name thread. I think you did not see it because new users cant send email. However I just realized I think I sent the message to myself so it isnt lost. I will try to post it in another board, possibly the off topic one. Incidentally, the problem with public fund raising discussions is that if they are too public, someone steals the idea and hoovers out the money potential before I get a chance to. This I know only too well.

Its kind of like 'the suitcase full of money is at 1215 albuquerque avenue apartment 12-b' and hope you get the message before the rest of the public. Or was it in a paper sack under the bench by the fountain in the park at midnight. Anyhow, its out there somewhere

In any case, my understanding of long file names is that in reiserfs you can have a filename as long as you want. Now, I read somewhere some distros interfere with this capability. But now I cant find it. And while I carefully download all interesting things like this, I have a lot of system hiccups and currently a very poor memory, with the result at the moment I cant find anything. Probably its in the reiserfs man page somewhere, I should read it. Really, I should. I only mentioned it because I thought I saw a long filename type post somewhere and I was hoping there was a 'just set reiser=yes in the conf file' approach.

In any case I appreciate it and I will either hound brokenman for message acccess and/or just post to one of the other threads. Incidentally I mentioned it in my first chat window post but I dont recall hearing back from him. I see the server move funding seems to have went well so it could be my standard problem, the people I deal with are just not hungry enough.

Anyway, I will try to find some more pigeons so I can send you the message again.

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