Porteus-MATE-v3.1-x64 - VMWare error!

Please reproduce your error on a second machine before posting, and check the error by running without saved changes or extra modules (See FAQ No. 13, "How to report a bug"). For unstable Porteus versions (alpha, beta, rc) please use the relevant thread in our "Development" section.
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Porteus-MATE-v3.1-x64 - VMWare error!

Post#1 by Y.P.Y » 19 Sep 2015, 19:27

VMWare cant handle Porteus with MATE desktop... got error BEFORE the starting up:
Check SS:


VMware Player, Win7 64-bit, x64 arch.

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Re: Porteus-MATE-v3.1-x64 - VMWare error!

Post#2 by brokenman » 19 Sep 2015, 23:13

The error message suggests reporting this upstream. Without seeing the log that it refers to I can't really tell. Works fine in virtualbox.
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