Isn't Porteus kiosk open source?

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Isn't Porteus kiosk open source?

Post#1 by dittaeva » 21 Jul 2015, 12:37

Believing Porteus kiosk to be open source I've been looking for the sources. It seems however Porteus is simply "based on open source" software, while not open sourcing any of its own components, or am I mistaken?

Even if that would be the case, you are still required to make available the sources for the GPL software that you haven't developed yourself, and I cannot find those either, only a list of packages.

If Porteus kiosk is open source, then you really need to make it much clearer, and easier to find the source. If it indeed isn't open source then that it quite disappointing. It could be understandable to keep the software that powers your update service (on your servers) going, but it shouldn't be necessary to keep the software that we run on our own machines closed.

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Re: Isn't Porteus kiosk open source?

Post#2 by fanthom » 21 Jul 2015, 14:14

Please find the 'Sources' link on the download page:

Porteus Kiosk is based on Gentoo which means every single package is compiled (except for proprietary software like Adobe Flash, Google Chrome, etc..), verified and tested by me before it goes public.

Update and kiosk config parsing utilities are not available publicly for the security reasons.
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