libfreenect2 in porteus

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libfreenect2 in porteus

Post#1 by jessidvelez » 17 Jul 2015, 15:46

Hello guys. I am wondering if some of you have installed successfully the libfreenect2 under Porteus. I have done it, but although the example program runs, I can't make it run at a normal speed. It seems it has something to do with OpenCL.

I have also installed it under the windows-linux distribution (you know what i am talking about, I mean ubuntu :wall: ) with worse hardware than I use to run Porteus and speed is better. Could some of you tell me about your experience (if any) installing libfreenect2 under Porteus?


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Re: libfreenect2 in porteus

Post#2 by aus9 » 24 Jan 2016, 05:30

(mod action moved post as I think its software related not hardware related )

OP may be interested in this post? ... os-x/17969
By default OpenGL is used, but you can change default parser at compile time by

When you compile like this, CPU is used as a default parser and when you disable only OpenGL, OpenCL is used as a default parser.

Some config of GPU may be required when running with OpenGL or OpenCL.
I have never tried it myself

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