Converting packages and modules

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Converting packages and modules

Post#1 by samirjakiro » 07 Jun 2015, 22:30

please can any one make a script or something to covert XZM into DEB ? something like xzm2deb or dir2deb thank's !

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Re: Converting packages and modules

Post#2 by Slaxmax » 08 Jun 2015, 19:18

This is not a simple job, but try it.

debreate need python (included in porteus printing module)
and wxPython (download with usm)

download debreate here: ... z/download (extract file)
inside folder execute the command to open debreate
guest@porteus:~/Downloads/debreate$ ./

I haven't tested it.

- EDIT -
Not work debreate in porteus (need dpkg). You can execute only in debian based system.
sorry :sorry:
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