Deleting Unneeded Applications

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Deleting Unneeded Applications

Post#1 by Schedy » 27 May 2015, 08:48

Hi there :)

I run Porteus on my old netbook with 500 Mhz Processor and 256 MB RAM , i need to delete unneeded applications in order to minimize the system, these are : Xfburn, Pburn, ISO master, Asunder CD Ripper, Win FF, Bulk Rename, Gigolo, Virtual Box Builder, Avahi SSH Server, Avahi VNC Server, transmission, polygot, gftp, mt paint etc

Would you please help me to show how to do that , please

thanks in advance :)

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Re: Deleting Unneeded Applications

Post#2 by tome » 27 May 2015, 10:01

i need to delete unneeded applications in order to minimize the system
Porteus is very minimized, in order to do it you must extract and rebuild xzm modules but with your hardware it is rather impossible, so better "don't touch running system". Eventually search for minimized Desktop Environments on the forum - Openbox, LXDE from previous Porteus release or neko module.
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