Youtube freezes until mouse movement

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Youtube freezes until mouse movement

Post#1 by pcrikos » 24 May 2015, 20:28


I downloaded Porteus-LXQt-v3.1-x86_64.iso and I am so happy to see my diskless (damaged by the kids with water on the laptop) to work so nice!!

I have a problem though. Whenever I watch videos on youtube, it freezes every few seconds until I move my mouse.

I use Google Chrome.

Do you have any idea how to fix this problem.

Thank you :)

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Re: Youtube freezes until mouse movement

Post#2 by Rava » 11 Jun 2015, 11:54

Never heard of that issue with Porteus and a youtube clip.

How much RAM does your machine got? Such errors can happen when your system runs out of RAM. Please post what "free -m" tells you.

Mind trying running Porteus with Firefox (or Palemoon) instead of Chrome?
Yours Rava

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