HTTPS Remote Management question

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Black ninja
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HTTPS Remote Management question

Post#1 by rh102801 » 16 Apr 2015, 13:55

1st of all I want to thank the developers for an awesome job. I am loving the remote management function, the fact that NTP was integrated in the wizard and all the hard work they put into the latest version.

I do have a question regarding the Remote management of the kiosks. I have setup an apache server, placed my config files there and pointed the kiosks to it. My question is regarding the use of HTTPS instead of HTTP. If I wanted to use HTTPS and allow access to the config files based on certificate based authentication, would I have to manually modify the ISO of the kiosk to install the certificate and then every time the certificate expired go through the same process or is there a way to push that certificate through a config file entry?

I would be interested in knowing how other users are making use of the remote management feature and specially how they are securing that connection.


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Re: HTTPS Remote Management question

Post#2 by libernux » 04 May 2015, 11:51


I'm not running Porteus Kiosk myself but did you read the following:

If this does not answer your question please let us know.
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