Video wont play in firefox

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Video wont play in firefox

Post#1 by chocoholic » 16 Apr 2015, 09:51

Hi again,

i have some videos embedded in my web application that they wont load with firefox and porteus kiosk. Are there any codecs that i have to use or something like this? If anyone can help the location of video is then you select activities then ag. prokopios and finally you select laguna for example.

Thanks in advanced

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Re: Video wont play in firefox

Post#2 by fanthom » 16 Apr 2015, 14:47

please go to and check which codecs are supported natively. if your videos are encoded with h264 then you have to add gstreamer to the ISO, if something else then only VLC can help.
i would suggest you to re-encode your videos with Webm VP9 and OGG Vorbis/Opus which should work out of the box.
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