Porteus Superfly, V 0.2 (pre-alpha) is out!

Porteus Superfly - an even lighter implementation of Porteus, for low-end hardware or minimalists.
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Re: Porteus Superfly, V 0.2 (pre-alpha) is out!

Post#16 by Ahau » 08 Apr 2013, 14:54

hi n2prtsusr,

Well, that's just the thing -- Porteus already ships with an openbox module. Ok, the 64-bit Standard edition does, anyway. LXDE uses openbox as it's window manager, so openbox is included in the LXDE module. In fact, if you boot into 64-bit standard edition (lxde or kde) and log out, the display manager will give you openbox as an option to select and you can log in to openbox. It's not really configured, but it's already there. So creating a "module" for it might be as easy as doing a little configuration for it. That said, there would be a bunch of tweaks needed in our porteus scripts to make it a boot option and to make it work 100% with all of our custom gtkdialog stuff (porteus settings centre, package manager, etc), and what we'd wind up with would be pretty close to LXDE. We could load lxpanel, have pcmanfm as the default file manager., etc., without adding any new software. Of course, if we wanted to make openbox more of its own thing, we could do something like add tint2 or fbpanel and some other file manager and lightweight apps, etc. -- that would require a bit more effort and would start to look like a separate "add-on" module that one could add to the lxde module. At this point, it's just an idea, so I was curious if there was any support for it in the community (which is why I asked in response to Wkb58hot's post). Of course, I already have more than I can manage with ARM, xfce, documentation, etc., but the idea of adding openbox has been bouncing around in my head for a while.
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