UK Country/Keyboard selection for LXDE

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UK Country/Keyboard selection for LXDE

Post#1 by jcuk » 01 May 2011, 22:10

Working from LXDE VirtualBox VMs in RC1, as KDE is temporarily not usable for that
No choice of UK Country/Keyboard selection here, that was only added to KDE (thanks!)

Can we have a UK choice built-in here too please?


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Re: UK Country/Keyboard selection for LXDE

Post#2 by fanthom » 02 May 2011, 01:00

this time it's not that easy as LXDE allows only 4 layouts. We have 3 filled in already and i would like to leave last one as empty for user choice.
please edit:
and set it to uk:

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[Desktop Entry]
Exec=setxkbmap -layout uk,de,ru -option "grp:alt_shift_toggle"
@Hamza, francoise
pls do it the same way (fr and cf)
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Re: UK Country/Keyboard selection for LXDE

Post#3 by francois » 02 May 2011, 01:17

In fact, I was talking about KDE in rc1 both 64 and 32 bit, sorry for the ambiguity.
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