File permissions and file manager.

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File permissions and file manager.

Post#1 by shabidoo » 06 Mar 2015, 09:09

Hi all.

File permissions.
I have this problem where I cannot delete (and sometimes modify) certain files even when I'm in root. Always on pen drives and in folders outside of the porteus-save-folder I can't delete anything. I've tried to find a similar forum on the topic and other solutions but I cannot. Any idea whats going on here?

File manager
I would also like a different file manager as there are some features I'd like to have (like sorting files easier, a search function etc). I've looked through all sorts of slackware lists and on the forums here but I cannot find anything. Could someone help?


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Re: File permissions and file manager.

Post#2 by francois » 06 Mar 2015, 16:16

Please give us your desktop environment type. It will be easier to help you. The architecture information specification is also a good usage.

1.0 Working root mode.
1.1 Root mode within guest mode:
You can call the file manager from root mode (his example is for xfce or lxqt. for kde the file manager is dolphin):

Code: Select all

root@porteus:~# su
root@porteus:~# pcmanfm
Now you will have from that first root mode file manager (to select the files of origin) to open a second one (for the folder of destination for the files of origin). Then transfer all the files and folder you want without any constraint.

1.2 Logout into the root account and do your transactions there.

1.3 use the login=root cheatcode to bootup into the root environment at bootup.

2.0 File manager.
The most powerfull file manager that I know is available stock on porteus. It is command line mode, It is very easy to use with a little familiarity. It has two panes permitting the copying from one folder to the other one. The "<" at the top is for moving to an upper level directory.

Use google with keywords midnight commander wiki to have more info. If you find some interesting info share it with us.

Please have a try on these solutions and report.

Other forum members may also have suggestions for the file manager.
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Re: File permissions and file manager.

Post#3 by brokenman » 06 Mar 2015, 21:25

First step, try unmounting and remounting the USB device as root.

From a root terminal try:
umount /dev/sdXy
mount /dev/sdXy
Where Xy refers to the actual path to your USB device.
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Re: File permissions and file manager.

Post#4 by Bogomips » 06 Mar 2015, 23:29

Also experienced this, following
Re: Porteus v3.1rc2 bug reports
Postby Bogomips » 20 Nov 2014, 03:15
Xfce 32 bit Used Thunar to transfer 64K file to usb stick. Came up with message: writing to file. When writing finished, right-clicked on sdb1, and selected unmount. Message came up on right side of screen (Thunar window on left side) warning not to remove device as it was being written to. In Thunar left panel, circle beside sdb1 kept revolving and revolving, and after about a minute pulled out usb.
Since then attempting to copy to the file in question as root, or to delete as root from command line has also come up with permission denied. However the other day, to my surprise, Nautilus copied to file and successfully overwrote it, just as 'guest'. So the question is, if there is something that FMs do that affect the USB, and which can only be fixed by another FM?
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